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This blog represents the personal experience of one MCH (Maternal and Child Health) Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Guatemala from 2015 to 2017. The opinions expressed here are neither those of the Peace Corps nor of the U.S. or Guatemalan Governments.

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These posts describe some of the training process that Peace Corps Volunteers receive before and during service.

My Most Excellent Mid-Service Training (MST) Adventure!

Last week I attended the Mid-Service Training conference for Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) in my Bak’tun (what we call training…

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Understanding the Maternal and Child Health Program Framework

During Pre-Service Training (PST), or the 9 or so weeks that Peace Corps Trainees in the Maternal and Child program…

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The Cuatro Demoras and Maternal Mortality in Guatemala

In this post I’m going to describe the “Cuatro Demoras” or the Four Delays in receiving adequate medical attention in…

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The ‘Experience’ Part of ERCA: Adult Education Peace Corps Style

This Monday I co-facilitated a health talk on the importance of washing one’s hands during key times during the day,…

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Last Day As a Peace Corps Volunteer

This was my site mate, Adam’s, last week in town and he spent the past couple of weeks saying goodbye…

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Purifying Your Water as a Peace Corps Volunteer

This post describes how I purify my drinking water during my Peace Corps service, not the most exciting topic, but…

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Peace Corps Guatemala: Daily Activities 5: Training of Trainers

Today I traveled in a chicken bus through winding dirt mountain roads and paved highways to the capitol of my…

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Peace Corps Training: So What’s a Dinamica?

During Pre-Service Training (PST), and during our service, we’ve gotten a lot of practice participating in, and organizing, dinamicas. Dinamicas…

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One Year Anniversary in Guatemala

Well . . . it’s been a little more than a year that I’ve been in Guatemala at this point….

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Facilitating as a Peace Corps Volunteer

So, one of our roles as a Peace Corps Volunteer is to be a co-facilitator, or to give people small…

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