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This blog represents the personal experience of one MCH (Maternal and Child Health) Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Guatemala from 2015 to 2017. The opinions expressed here are neither those of the Peace Corps nor of the U.S. or Guatemalan Governments.

Category: World Wise Schools

The posts in the World Wise Schools category are to facilitate communication with the elementary school classes that I am corresponding with through Peace Corps’ World Wise Schools classroom correspondence program.

Peace Corps 3Gol Activities and Doña Luisa’s in Antigua!

I haven’t posted for a while as I burned through some of my annual leave to return to the US,…

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Video of “Feria” Week Celebrations in My Town

This is a video of a dance, and even some aerial acrobatics performed by a rope climber, during the Feria…

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Saying Bon Appetite in Spanish: Buen Provecho!

One of the first polite pieces of conversation we learned as Peace Corps Trainees in Guatemala is the tradition of…

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Tomales, Tomallitos and Chuchitos in Guatemala!

There are many different corn-based dishes in Guatemala that Peace Corps Colunteers will get a chance to taste besides the…

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Marimba Band in Mall in Xela!

I had to go to Xela this weekend to get some supplies and ran into a Marimba playing in the…

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School Bands Compete in Lead Up to Guatemala’s September 15th Independence Day

One of the great things about being a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala is being able to take part in…

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