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This blog represents the personal experience of one MCH (Maternal and Child Health) Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Guatemala from 2015 to 2017. The opinions expressed here are neither those of the Peace Corps nor of the U.S. or Guatemalan Governments.

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This category of posts are those describe things I do to have fun in Guatemala, and other unexpected things that might I might do!

Change is the Only Constant: A New Community Based Approach to Primary Care in Guatemala

A couple weeks ago, the director of my health center informed me that a new worker would be arriving at…

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Field Trip to Guatemala City! Part 1

Last week I was fortunate to be able to go on a VAC (Volunteer Advisory Council) sponsored trip to Guatemala…

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Peace Corps 3Gol Activities and Doña Luisa’s in Antigua!

I haven’t posted for a while as I burned through some of my annual leave to return to the US,…

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Mid-Service Medical Exams and Balancing Work

This month in Guatemala, volunteers are cycling through headquarters in order to complete our required mid-service physicals and dental exams….

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Winter Is Coming in Guatemala!

It is now winter in my town, or at least what passes for winter in the somewhat more equatorially located…

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Peace Corps Guatemala: Daily Activities 8: Travel Out of Site!

Last week I arrived in my site after my training group’s MST (Mid-Service Training) conference at Peace Corps headquarters in…

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My Most Excellent Mid-Service Training (MST) Adventure!

Last week I attended the Mid-Service Training conference for Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) in my Bak’tun (what we call training…

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Motivational Interviewing and House Visits: Empowering People to Change Their Lives

This last Friday I, and nurses from a local health post, completed house visits in the outlying community served by…

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Thanksgiving in Guatemala: Catching Fire

This is the second Thanksgiving I’ve spent in Guatemala, the first was a day after I, and everyone else in…

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Video of “Feria” Week Celebrations in My Town

This is a video of a dance, and even some aerial acrobatics performed by a rope climber, during the Feria…

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